Verimetrics’ SmartProfile™ is an enterprise authentication and Single Sign-On ( eSSO ) solution that allows organizations to enhance data security and reduce IT support costs while improving user productivity.

Using state-of-the-art biometric algorithms and smart card technology, SmartProfile™ authenticates users with industry-leading precision and speed. This eliminates the need for remembering numerous passwords and speeds up the authentication process.

SmartProfile’s™ innovative integration tools ensure automated authentication with any application or website. This unique capability differentiates SmartProfile™ from other eSSO or web SSO solutions that require manufacturer programming support to integrate new and complex applications.

SmartProfile has been securing confidential data for over a decade within North American hospitals, retail organizations, police forces and corporations of all sizes. In most cases, a return on investment (ROI) is attained within 2 to 4 months following deployment, providing exceptional value.

Key Benefits

  • Improved Productivity: Passwords are replaced by the user’s fingerprint and/or card
  • Increased Security: Virtually eliminates unauthorized access to confidential data
  • Quick ROI: Eliminates password management IT support costs
  • Rapid Authentication: Authentications require less than a second
  • Fast implementation: Simple and rapid installation and enrollment
  • Traceability: Successful and failed authentication reports provided

Key Features:

  • Centralized biometric and smart card enrolment
  • Centralized and local authentication to OS and applications
  • Supports most fingerprint and card technologies
  • Supported applications and platforms: DOS, Win32, Web, Windows 7®, Windows Vista®, Windows XP®, Windows 2000®, Thin Clients, CITRIX®, VMware®, Windows Terminal Services®, Terminal Emulation (e.g. : V100)
  • Application and web authentication integration tool
  • Support mobile environments: Mobile carts, laptops, ambulances and police vehicles

Designed for:


Law Enforcement





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