Retailers need to prevent financial losses
due to theft and fraud

Now with Verimetrics' SmartProfile™, they can.

With SmartProfile™, retailers can ensure that only authorized employees have access to registers and can perform transactions. Should an incident occur, SmartProfile also provides records of all user and application events, providing an audit trail, allowing for the quick identification of individuals suspected of committing fraud.

Verimetrics’ SmartProfile™ is a multifactor authentication and enterprise Single Sign-On (eSSO) solution that allows retail organizations to reduce inventory shrinkage caused by theft and fraud while improving staff productivity.

SmartProfile has been securing Canadian retail operations for over a decade. Deployed clients include large retail organisations with thousands of employees and hundreds of locations to small specialized and regional retailers. All use SmartProfile on a daily basis to authenticate to POS terminals and PC workstations within administrative offices.

For most retail organisations, a return on investment (ROI) is attained within 2 to 4 months following deployment, providing exceptional value.



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