TruBlue is highly robust and versatile USB fingerprint reader. The TruBlue fingerprint reader can be used in a 1:1 fingerprint matching or 1:N biometric identification fashion. Thanks to the reader’s high resolution capacitive sensor, accurate reads of your fingerprint are quick and accurate every time.

TruBlue is the ideal device for implementing strong authentication within your organisation. Using fingerprint authentication, your users can authenticate to their OS, applications and web portals within less than a second, compared to an average 15 seconds for username and password based authentication. Fingerprint based authentication provides significant productivity enhancements while also improving security.

Verimetrics' TruBlue, combined with SmartProfile, Verimetrics' enterprise Single Sign-On (eSSO) software, provides a secure and cost-effective solution for logical authentication.


  • Full Speed USB Interface
  • Bus Powered - no additionnal power supply required
  • Portable and easily transferable from a PC to another
  • High Resolution 508 DPI Imaging


  • Security: Ultra-secure 1-factor authentication
  • Privacy: Impossible to recreate a fingerprint image from the recorded reference
  • Reliability: Capacitive-Sensing Technology
  • Rapidity: Enrollment process in less than 30 seconds and authentication in less than a second